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    I want to be a professional player on counter-strike 1.6

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  1. NuTzu

    (Cadou) NuTzu

  2. If someone is happy with his life say good luck to him

  3. NuTzu

    [Request-Admin] NuTzu

    Nick:NuTzu Account (E-mail / gmail / fb):Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/hammad.arif.5836) Steam owner:Yes The length of time you stay on the server:4 Hours a day Age (minim15):18 Why you want admin:I want to help the players on server whoever need help Hours played on the server (minimum 30, gametracker):I am new on the server Can You Help Pay Server and Drops? (Yes / no):No How did you find out about us?:From facebook Are you agreeing to use Teamspeak for the duration of the game?:Yes Can you vote for the server?:Yes FAQ:"Respect rules" or "3344777" Amx / cvar knowledge (1-100%):95%
  4. NuTzu

    [Presenting] NuTzu

    First name:Hammad Arif Age:18 Location:Pakistan,Karachi Occupation:Nothing Hobbies and passions:My hobbies is to play counter-strike 1.6 and my passion is to be like famous players of counter-strike 1.6 players CS Nick:NuTzu Favorite mode:Zombie Steam (ON / OFF):ON Where did you hear about Devilx Romania?:From Facebook Give a note to the community:I hope you guys will understand me soon and also i am a hard worker Contact:Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/hammad.arif.5836) Other details:You will know me soon
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