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She's in tomorrow Can she call me, please?

Dupa terminarea liceului la "Dimitrie Cante-mir" din Capitalaa devenit student la Facultatea de Limlpa si Literatura Româna a Universitatii din Bucuresti, pe care a absolvit-o în Din este lector la catedra de Istoria literaturii române a Facultatii de Litere din Bucuresti. A debutat înîn România literara.

Yes Could! Mr Green, When do you want to fly? Please stay here while look for him 5 Hes my son and {love him 6 The post oifie is over there Baeea ce canada 2big 3 Ottawa 4.

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Reykjavik 2 How big ist? What is the population? She wants herto find a new family to stay with, 4. Hes at the station, 5 She is a the station, 6 Shes with ayo he is her son If 2c 3g 4a 5h 6: 7 Bd 9e I sightseeing 2 attraction Btour 4 putting 5 home plenty.

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Irs in Bridge street 4 Look! The man is running towards the bridge 5 Sonny, lean't come —! Yes, pase. How much are the apples? What about the grapes?

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How much are they? Very sweet, they are From South Arica Yes, afi of black grapes then, and jour large oranges Right you ae. The lar oranges ate 40 pone ead Is that OK? Fine, thanks.

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Now 1 just want some flowers. Roses, think Yes. Oh, red, please, Theyre lovely Right. Is that OK? Is that everthing?

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How long do you think? Do you have our menu?

brian mac find fring pierdeți în greutate două săptămâni

Have you got any toothpaste? Red onion Red wine Mineral water a 1 Have you gota table for two, please?

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The food is not hot enough. Sunglasses Unlimited.

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Have you got the receipt? She asts fora size twelve They fit really well. She needs the recep. Ince anavers 2 as many qualifications 3s 5 What ae you looking at?

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She 4 Astnped te 1 Me Haney " " 5 long-sleeved hi 2 Ms 2 What are you doing © A checked jacket bee da 2b 3c 4a 5c 3 What are you listening to? What time do you wake Bez jacket Ic 2a 31 4e 5d 6b brian mac find fring a 2 When doyou get us?

Why do you ask? Ths lithe wee phere Bsn 8 Speaker 7 pasties are delicious Oh dear! Mm, youre What a mess!