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Ensure that the room is well ventilated before switching the oven off and opening the oven door. The appliance may produce a slightly unpleasant odour caused by the burning away of protective substances used during the manufacturing process.

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This knob is used not only to select the different oven modes, but also to burner de grăsime warto the right cooking temperature for various foods from among the temperatures shown on the knob itself the range is from °C to °C inclusive. The electronic ignition device of the oven is built into the control knob. The oven is equipped with a safety device.

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After lighting the burner allow the gas to circulate until the safety thermocouple is heated by keeping the OVEN knob pressed in for about 6 seconds. If the burner fails to light after 15 seconds, stop pressing the OVEN knob, open the oven door and wait for at least one minute before you try to light the burner again.

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Switching the oven on manually In the event of a power failure, the oven burner can be lit manually: 1. Open the oven door.

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Hold a match or lighter near the burner hole as shown in the figure, press knob F see figure in fully and turn it anticlockwise, setting it to the Max position. Once the burner is lit, shut the oven door. The extremely high and direct temperature of the grill makes it possible to brown the surface of meats and roasts while locking in the juices to keep them tender.

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The grill is also highly recommended for dishes that require a high surface temperature: beef steaks, veal, rib steak, fillets, hamburgers etc Start-up and use.